I haven’t read “The City and the City” yet, but I love Mieville for the worlds (especially Bas-Lag) he’s created. I admit to being a bit conflicted regarding him as a writer, though. I wish his Bas-Lag stories were a bit more “fun” and less “literary”. Then again, if that were so, what would you need me for?

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ImageA few years ago, Andy dragged me along to a Melbourne Writer’s Festival event featuring British sci-fi authors Alastair Reynolds and China Mieville. (You can read what Andy had to say about it right here: http://wellreadweare.wordpress.com/tag/china-mieville/) At the time, I wasn’t much of a sci-fi aficionado – indeed, I’m still not – but I tagged along anyway, thinking I could at least get a couple of drinks out of it afterwards. So I was pleasantly surprised to find it as engaging as I did; from both authors, but particularly Mieville, who is – let’s not mince words about it – hot. Even for a bald guy. He’s also intelligent and funny and political (left-wing, of course) and he has ridiculously buffed arms. Andy tells me he gets a bit narky when people want to talk about his arms. Then quit pumping so much iron at the gym, dude …

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