I’ve just been making my way through Lovecraft’s collaborations, after having read everything he wrote under his own name. So far I’ve enjoyed “The Mound” the best, which felt at some points quite Lovecraftian indeed.

Reactionary notes

Aside from the main corpus of HPL stories, which is easily available and probably known by any Lovecraft fan, there are several stories that he either wrote in collaboration with other writers, or even completely ghost-wrote for somebody.

While these stories have different flavour than majority of HPL works, and often contradict them (but that is not something unusual in HPL stories), there are several gems worth reading among them:

The Mound
Interesting story in that here, the ‘Old Ones’ are in fact human or almost human. Lovecraft uses an old indian ghost legend as a pretext to describe their civilization flourishing in “K’nyan” (and marginally also Yoth and N’Kai) – underground realms previously only hinted at in “Whisperer in the Darkness”.

The principal source of horror here is the (human or non-human) degeneration; the beings of Yoth degenerate only to be interbred with some animals to form the cannibalistic…

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    • I’ve only read one Derleth-Lovecraft story, I forget the title but it had an evil window in it (Lurker on the Threshold, maybe?). It was pretty
      good, and there were parts that felt properly Lovecraftian. It was a bit frustrating, though, as it felt a bit stretched thin and watered down.
      But you’re right, I think I might have to read more Derleth-Lovecraft stories.

      • Dereleth was a respected Lovecraft freind and admirer – I think he probably didn’t want to add too much to the stories so many of them seem to end abruptly.

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