From Beyond the Stars: Alien Vs. Prometheus

I seem to be one of the few people that quite liked “Prometheus”. To me, it was a gorgeous and richly atmospheric sci-fi horror movie, of which there aren’t enough made. Were there writerly mistakes (ie petting the alien snake)? Sure. But there are writerly mistakes in just about everything, including my beloved LOTR, and those are minor issues to me. I’ve gotten in heated debates about this movie before, and though I won each point (yes, I know: doubtful — but it happened) I’ve almost lost friends over this thing — simply by liking a movie. I guess it’s because I wasn’t expecting the second coming of “Alien” like some people were. Also, unlike many, I love Damon Lindelof’s style, tense yet mysterious. To me not knowing all the answers can be more invigorating and imagination-sparking than being spoonfed them.

Oh well, at least it wasn’t another Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. Or, perhaps more accurately, another Prequel Trilogy.

Monster Legacy


With the release of the ginormously hyped, Ridley Scott-signed Alien prequel, Prometheus, the film has proved to be at the very least successful at the Box-Office, and lived with mixed to positive reviews from film critics — other than thorough fan debates. Regardless of what the film may be by itself and its external inconsistencies within the series it has been inserted into, it is remarkable how a significant change in mentality occurs when a comparison is drawn between Alien and its cinematic successor — but chronological predecessor — Prometheus.

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