#Review ‘The Hound’ by H. P. Lovecraft

SPOILER: “The Hound” is one of those stories that only really works (or at least works best) if you DON’T know it’s a vampire story going in. Which is why it’s been a huge mistake for certain vampire anthologies to include it. The fact that the villain’s a vampire and not a werewolf (or something else) is the twist, and the way it’s done makes it quite eerie and freaky — if you’re not suspecting a vampire is to blame. Once you are, it ruins the story.



AUTHOR: H.P.Lovecraft

This short horror story penned by H.P.Lovecraft, one of the best writers of the ‘fantastic’, is quite similar to the general writings of Edgar Allan Poe. The story is par excellence teaming suspense with a bit of an indirect moral which makes this story a fantastic read. The main theme however of this story is about man’s eternal search for truth & how this search often ends not to the expectation of the seeker.

Dabbling’s with ‘truth’ as we know often leads an inquirer to take up many different fields of study. The two main characters in this story too were in search of truth. They were as the text states:

‘Wearied with a world where even the joys of romance & adventure soon grow stale.’

They were definitely not of any normal disposition although they were young & full of life…

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