Lovecraft in film – the top Lovecraft stories in movies

The best Lovecraft movie without doubt was Stewart Gordon’s “Dagon” — great writing, atmosphere and direction, all told with love and respect for Lovecraft himself. Also, a pretty great realization of “Shadow Over Innsmouth”, long my favorite Lovecraft story.

parlor of horror

The best H.P. Lovecraft adaptations and Lovecraft inspired films.

H.P. Lovecraft stories are often called un-filmable because of the way they are written; partly because of the grandiose descriptions of ancient cities and cultures, partly because most of his stories are told with multiple flashbacks and partly because much of his stories are the contemplation of ideas and concepts thought about by the main characters. But that doesn’t stop filmmakers from trying. Most Lovecraft stories adapted for film are re-written, quite often completely, leaving only the title, character names, and most basic concepts in their wake. However, there are some that get enough of the story and atmosphere right – making them true Cthulhu Mythos worthy.

Consideration is given for the following elements: The movie as an entertaining piece of cinema/film – the movie as an HP Lovecraft adaptation and how close the elements come to Lovecraft’s tales.


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