Poster, New Images From Kick-Ass 2

I’m actually quite looking forward to this. The first one was a real surprise for me, but it felt like the set-up for more adventures, and now finally here one is. Very likely the last one, too, unfortunately. That’s the problem with origin stories, at least in movies — one movie is devoted to how the hero got to be the hero, which makes #2 the first real movie in the series, but sometimes we don’t get that far, and so far I don’t think we’ve ever gotten past #3 (at least since the Christoper Reeves era), which makes for a lot of set-up with comparatively little pay-off to show for it. Hollywood shouldn’t start things things if they’re not going to finish. More cinematic blue balls. Still, looking forward to KA #2, which in a way will be the first real Kick Ass movie — that is, the first one where he’s an established hero from the beginning.

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What we have here is the first poster from Kick-Ass 2, along with a bunch of images from the film, this summer’s follow-up to 2010’s surprise hit comic book adaptation.

The producers got all the original cast back — including Chloe Grace Moretz, who is on the verge of blowing up any day now, as more and more people realize what an amazing little acting fireball she is. If she isn’t under contract for another sequel, good luck getting her back!

I don’t know about you, but I loved Matthew Vaughn‘s adaptation of Mark Millar‘s gritty comic book, and I’m really looking forward to the return of these characters.

Kick-Ass 2 opens Aug. 16.

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