Werewolf Police

Can’t. Wait.

Drinkin' & Drive-in


Just when I think the horror movie genre has hung itself with its own rope comes Wolfcop, a movie about a cop that’s a werewolf. If I went to church, I’d go there to thank some sort of fictional deity for this life-fulfilling concept.


Actually, the film hasn’t been made as of this blogging yet. Wolfcop is in competition to win bling money so that they can finish this highly important and much-needed social statement.


There’s an entertaining teaser trailer online, which shows a regular copy tied up and being transformed into a werewolf through some sort of anti-religious ceremony that involves the drinking of blood. (Just think how much quicker the change would be if he drank a few tall boys.)

If I was a criminal – AND I’M NOT – and saw a werewolf wearing a badge and charging at me, I’d totally load the downstairs…

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