Jumping back in!

After a long hiatus, I’m returning to wordpress — woo-hoo! I had some professional writing stuff that looked like it might happen and started to back off engaging with my pseudonym (why do I always want to end that word with -pod?), but I’m tired of waiting. Professional stuff takes so loooooonnnnnngggg. I know editors at the big book houses don’t just sit around all day waiting for the new “Jack Conner”, but damn . . . Oh well, so I’m back! Let the rejoicing commence! My traditional pubbing stuff is still (very slowly) going forward (or at least still going), but I’ve decided not to let that stop me.

HOWEVER — there are certain books I can’t promote yet. My hands are kind of tied. But that’s okay. I’m proud of the books I’ve put out under the name Jack Conner and think they deserve all the success in the world. (All of it – back off, GRR Martin, that’s mine!)


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