Hellboy in Hell #5 – Review

I haven’t made the trip to the comic book store in a few weeks, but I’ve been waiting for this one. Will have to make a special trip. The first four Hellboy in Hells were pretty amazing. Mike Mignola doing hell is a beautiful thing.

Weekly Comic Book Review

by Mike Mignola (Writer/Artist), Dave Stewart (Colorist)

The Story
: Hellboy helps a man cheat a demon in order for him to keep his soul.

The Review
: Boy has it been a while since the last issue. While it is understandable that Mike Mignola has been a little busy in the last few months (co-writing Baltimore, B.P.R.D., Sledgehammer 47, Lobster Johnson one-shots and Abe Sapien will do that to you), the lack of presence of this delightful series was something that was rather sad for me. Still, better late than never, as the latest issue arrived this very week. However, with all the time that passed, does this issue actually satisfy and continue the story where it left?

In a way, Mignola makes the smart choice of giving readers something more akin to a side-story, one that does not focus exactly on the titular character himself…

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