The Amazing Spider-Man 2 trailer blows minds

Mmm. Not sure if my mind was blown. Actually, it wasn’t. Maybe I’m suffering from the Raimi-what-could-have-beens, but I found the first of the new Spiderman movies underwhelming and cramming this new one full of villains instead of what it truly needs — heart — isn’t making me optimistic.

Still, who knows? It could surprise me. Bring it on,, Spidey 2.


It’s here. Finally.

Sony Pictures have revealed the first trailer for the much anticipated “The Amazing Spider-Man 2”.

All three villains – Electro, Rhino and Green Goblin – are here for your eyes to feast on.

With the parent story progressing, the movie feels more like a true sequel then just a second movie.

There are even some cool easter eggs in the trailer such as Doctor Octopus’ mech arms and Vulture’s wings.

Here’s Spidey…



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