Film Review: ‘The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug’

I refuse to read the entire review because I don’t want the movie spoiled for me, but I did read the first paragraph just to get a general sense of the review’s vibe, and thought I would pass it on because the reviewer seems to have liked the new film quite a bit. I’ve been trying not to get my hopes up for Part Two, but I can’t help it. The geeky energies are building up to critical levels again. Damn you, Peter Jackson! Please, for the love of the Valar, no more stone giants or cgi orcs or cartoonish action scenes! But, by all means, bring on elves and giant spiders and dragons (oh my).

One week to go! Finally, after a lifetime of dreaming about what Smaug might look like onscreen, I’ll finally get to see it. Of course, I don’t mean to discount the Rankin-Bass animated version. I’m actually quite partial to that more bestial, furred Smaug, and in fact their Smaug influenced me quite a bit in the creation of my own mercurial, powerful dragon in “The Song of Doom” books — find Part One of Two here:

But seeing Smaug in a live-action movie is different, and other than “Dragonheart” I can’t recall a well-realized dragon — that talks — done on the screen in pretty much ever (mind, I’m not saying “Dragonheart” was a good movie, but the dragon was nice). “Dragonslayer” was pretty great, but no talking. Other than that, there’s been a real lack of dragons on the big screen, and since it’s the team that brought us the Balrog and the fell beasts realizing Smaug, it’s hard not to get little pumped.


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