Batman vs Superman.. And Wonder Woman (Green Arrow too pls..)

I’m divided on the whole Zach Snyder Supes thing. On the one hand, I’m impressed he was able to break so far away from the stylistic pit that was “Sucker Punch” that he could make a pseudo-Christopher Nolan movie. That’s quite a leap, and pretty well-done in its way, too. I will say that I thought the action scenes were too long, overly brutal and, well, too FAST. Supes and the other Kryptonians move — yep — faster than speeding bullets, and since Zach doesn’t move the camera at their speed but lets us see these fast blurs wrestle each other, it got kind of annoying to me. And this is from a director who is well known for being kind of a visionary action director. But I seem to be in the minority on this, so maybe it’s just me. Still, I WOULD like some better-shot action scenes next time, Zach (because of course he’s reading this), where I can actually see who’s fighting who.

The main problem I had with this movie was that it was just too Nolan-y. Dark, important, overly convoluted, overly “realistic”. I find myself preferring the lighter, more fun Marvel movies. They’re not the serious event movies that Nolan and now Snyder make, but they are fun popcorn movies and, to me, are more rewatchable. I don’t want to see thousands of people die in New York while Superman snaps a (super)man’s neck. Don’t get me wrong, I have a thing for dark, fantastic fiction, and write a good deal of it myself, but it just doesn’t feel like Superman. Call me crazy, but I enjoyed the tone and energy of Bryan Singer’s “Superman Returns”. To me, warts and all, that felt far closer to the approach I would want.

On the positive side, I enjoyed seeing the caped one fight giant robots (or whatever) and other powerful beings for a change in Snyder’s movie, other than just a smarmy bald guy (albeit charmingly smarmy), and I find myself looking forward to the next one, hoping it will ease up on the mass slaughter, tweak its approach to action and maybe have a bit more fun.

As for Ben Affleck, well, he’s done a good job in his last few movies and think he might just be able to pull Batman off. As to how they can realistically make Batman a threat to Supes after portraying Superman as pretty much a god in the first one, I don’t know.

I was about to wrap this up, but one other thing occurs to me that really sticks in my craw about the Zach Snyder movie. Supe’s father creates him as a repository for all Kryptonian DNA and to be the future of Krypton. I understand that Supes doesn’t want Zod to wipe out earth and replace it with New Krypton, but after he’s saved our world he still needs to save — or restart — his own. He still has all that DNA inside him, and he still has an obligation to reboot Krypton in some fashion, yet that completely slips through the cracks of the movie even though that’s kind of the central plot. Of course, it’s possible they could address this in the next movie — I hope so — but it’s not the vibe I’m getting so far.

Anyway, so although I kind of enjoyed the movie and look forward to the next one, I have mixed feelings about it. My issues with it COULD be resolved in the next one, and I sincerely hope they are. It could be a blast.

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One of the movies I am very much looking forward though the shooting itself not started yet. All the news I hear about this movie make my interest toward this movie increase. My only hope is that they will find a good title and not use Batman Vs Superman.

Any comic book fan would love to see the two most famous superheroes of the comic world share the screen and I am no different. After one of the greatest superhero trilogies of all time by Christopher Nolan, it is so obvious people will be interested in any movie with the Dark Knight in the lead.

Though I am disappointed that Christian Bale will not be wearing the cape again, I have no complaints against Ben Affleck. In fact, his casting made me feel excited that there should be something good about this film. Ben Affleck just got…

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2 thoughts on “Batman vs Superman.. And Wonder Woman (Green Arrow too pls..)

  1. While I agree with the flaws of Man of steel, I think it is a decent attempt to ground supes and make him a character that we can easily relate to. Only issue I had was the supes’ lack of concern of the collateral damage. I remember there was one comic book story line where this being the reason of conflict between Batman and Superman. There is a chance that this could be the story of this 2nd movie.

    DC clearly doesn’t want to follow Marvel’s way of simple heroic movie, they want to connect with the larger audience base with a matured and dark content.

    After the success of the Dark Knight, we can’t complain WB/DC wanted all their stories told in the same manner. Even Arrow is a bit of dark and the hero is more like the Nolan’s batman.

    This approach of DC has saved us from the monotonous no-brains action movies with our childhood heroes. If we want a lighter one, there are Marvel’s and for serious ones DC’s are all there.. So as a fan I’m happy with the DC’s approach.

    • You’re right, they shouldn’t all be the same. It’s nice to have different takes on similar material (if I can call them that), and I’m glad we live in a world where we can choose between big, important comic book movies and light, fun comic book movies.

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