Perfect Trilogy: The Lord of The Rings.

A nice overview of the trilogy, thank you! I myself am a diehard fan of LOTR, both the books and the movies, both of which influenced my fantasy fiction greatly (find my epic fantasy ebook “The War of the Moonstone” here: — yes, I’m an utter pimp). The big question for me in this review is whether LOTR the films are THE perfect trilogy. You mention this a couple of times but don’t delve into what the implications are — to whit, do the LOTR movies stand up better as a whole than the Star Wars movies?

Now that’s a fascinating question, at least to this geek. I was raised on Star Wars as a kid, and I mean the original trilogy. No Jar Jar for little Jack Conner. Oh no. It was Han and Luke and Leia all the way. I lived and breathed that stuff. The first two films were perfect. The third . . . weeelll. The Ewoks didn’t bother me as a kid — I enjoyed them. But even then I realized that something was missing in that movie. I would watch the first two over and over again, especially Empire, but I rarely watched “Jedi”. Why? I suppose it was too cutesy and not nearly as thrilling and tense as the others, despite the fact that it provided a pretty great ending for the story.

So: does “Jedi” make the original trilogy lesser, as a whole, than LOTR? Some would argue that the multiple endings of “Return of the King” lessen that movie, but for me they only deepen and enrich it, and I agree with removing the Scouring of the Shire from it; it would have been anticlimactic. For the most part, “King” was pretty perfect. But does that make LOTR a better trilogy than Star Wars? What do you think?




J.R.R Tolkien’s epic fantasy series has been famous for a very long time. It experienced an explosion of popularity during the sixties (there are reports of people dressed as hobbits running around Woodstock), resulting in more than a few attempts at making the series into a film, or films. A live action film starring The Beatles was likely at one point, but the closest that The Lord Of The Rings came into being a full length, full series of films was with Ralph Bakshi’s animated venture in 1978.


Enter the late 1990’s, it is announced that New Line cinema is producing the long-awaited trilogy, with New Zealand director Peter Jackson taking the helm. Peter Jackson, while the proud owner of a successful film career already, was still small game (especially compared the epic nature that the Rings films would require). Now it seems ridiculous that Jackson, or his attempt…

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