Total 2013 Box Office Poised for Record, Despite ‘Hobbit’ Sequel Falling Short of Predecessor

I really enjoyed The Hobbit Part 2. After Part One my expectations were pretty low, but it turned out to be a fun, enjoyable adventure movie. The characters were better, the pacing was pretty excellent, the locales were spectacular — I especially enjoyed Erebor — and Smaug stole the show. He really was quite amazing, and in the high frame-rate format he looked like he was ready to slither off the screen. I’ve seen it in both formats, and vastly preferred the 2D/standard-frame-rate. It looked like a real movie, and a pretty good one, the only major problem being all the dodgy CGI, especially the awful-looking orcs. Surprisingly, in the HFR version the CGI was much improved, and the real-life scenery was breathtaking. Unfortunately, in HFR everything else looked like hell. The make-up looked like make-up, the sets looked like sets — it all just felt very fake. Except the CGI, and especially Smaug, who was stunning in HFR and, in my opinion, the only reason to see it in that format. Otherwise, check it out in 2D SFR and have a good time at a fun adventure movie. It’s by no means LOTR, but at least it’s not an embarrassment (although I do feel bad for Gandalf, always getting captured!). I’m already hankering for Part 3.


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