Oscars: 15 Biggest Snubs and Surprises

I’m glad “Gravity” was nominated. It was a truly original and special movie that was gripping, memorable, and pushed the boundaries of what movies can do. However, I am surprised that “Saving Mr. Banks” isn’t at least in the running. It seemed like a sure thing, and it was far more of a genuine drama than “Gravity” was. For all its merits, “Gravity” is essentially an action movie, and with rare exceptions (ROTK, if that can be called an action movie) those are not Oscar contenders. I wouldn’t mind seeing it win Best Director, though. In fact, it probably deserves that win.


The bad news from having such a great year at the movies is the inevitable disappointments on Oscar nominations morning–there wasn’t enough room for everybody.

But Thursday morning’s nomination announcement was especially tough on the legends. No Oprah Winfrey for “The Butler”? No Emma Thompson for “Saving Mr. Banks”? No Robert Redford in “All Is Lost”? No Tom Hanks in “Captain Phillips”? And no posthumous nomination for James Gandolfini in “Enough Said”?

OSCARS: Complete List of Nominees

The Academy forgot to nominate some of its most Academy-friendly stars, which speaks to a shifting tide in an organization trying to become younger and hipper. At least Leonardo DiCaprio, for once, wasn’t left off the Oscars list for “The Wolf of Wall Street.” And Harvey Weinstein managed to keep his best picture streak alive–he’s been nominated in the category every year since 2008’s “The Reader”–by sneaking in “Philomena.”

Here are the biggest…

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