Riddles, Rhymes and Lilies: The Mystery of Tom Bombadil (Part IV)

A very nice exploration of Tom Bombadil.

A Tolkienist's Perspective

Here’s Part IV of the Tom Bombadil article. Please bear with me – it’ll soon be concluded 😉

(Here are Part I, Part II and Part III for those who haven’t been through them yet)


1.6 Tolkien’s Letters

Up till now I have tackled Tom Bombadil mainly from the stories he is described in. But what did the author have to say about him?Letters

During his life, Tolkien wrote a substantial amount of letters to relatives, publishers and admirers alike. Many of these contained thoughts about his mythology, tackling clarifications and requests that people often sent him – pertaining to his stories.

From The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien, we are able to discover those letters that somehow relate to the character of Tom Bombadil.

First of all, for Tolkien, Bombadil represented the vanishing country-side of Oxford and Berkshire.

Let us start by analyzing one of the letters, more specifically Letter 144…

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