Welcome! I’m a novelist, but all non-writers are welcome, too. I’ve been working for years with a major literary agency and, while I still am, I’ve grown weary of slogging my way through the publishing industry and have decided to make certain of my works available through Amazon, both in print and as ebooks. I write epic fantasy and New Weird stories, mainly — often inspired by the great pulp writers like Robert E. Howard and H. P. Lovecraft — with a focus on atmosphere and fast pacing. Also, I’d just like to have a place to hang out and talk about genre ficiton.

I like LOST, chocolate, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Mexican food, Star Wars, Casablanca, King Kong, Evil Dead, Lord of the RIngs, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly — and pizza. Deep dish.


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    • Alright, I’m going to get more active on wordpress. Now that I’ve begun to explore it, it’s actually a pretty awesome place. Like your blog, for example!

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